Twin Creeks Llamas, Take a Hike        

Children can lead llamas

 Twin Creeks Llamas is now permanently closed

After 18 wonderful years of hiking with our llamas and meeting so many great people, we have made the difficult decision to finally retire the llamas, effective December 31, 2019.

I have updated this website to be a scrapbook of sorts, to provide information about llamas, and hiking with llamas, and to reflect back on our years with the llamas with some of our favorite photos and stories.

If you have some time to kill, I invite you to browse through this site and enjoy some of the memories we have collected over the last two decades.

A special thank you to all our clients and friends

To all the wonderful people that we have hiked with over the last 18 years, we want to thank you for making this adventure one of the most rewarding endeavors of our lives. We have made many friendships over the years through our llamas that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.   

Tim and I, too, are ready to retire. Tim has already retired from two careers, the first retirement from the Air Force, and the second from the State Department. And now we are ready to retire from Llama Trekking and have the freedom to finally do some traveling.

Over the years, we met so many wonderful people, some of whom have become lifelong friends. Our llamas were first and always our pets, an integral part of our family. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, when we drove our 4 remaining llamas on their last road trip to their new home in Charlottesville, VA.  

We are so appreciative that our friend, Paige McGrath of Lower Sherwood Llamas, offered to adopt the remaining 4 and give them a home through the rest of their remaining years. Paige is offering llama hikes on their beautiful farmland just south of Charlottesville. If any of you are needing a llama fix, Paige has a large flock of beautiful llamas that are ready to take a walk with you. Santiago, Coffee Bean, Prince and Pete are also helping out with the guided hikes.

As hard as it was to say goodbye to them, we felt happy that they had found such a warm and loving place to spend their retirement.

As for us, we sold the farm the middle of May and found good homes for all of our animals. We’re down to us and our 2 goldendoodles, Bayley and Amber. We have moved to the coast of NC and we’ll be building our dream cottage in the town of Southport.  

I am continuing with my Etsy store, “tcllamas”, and featuring creations made from our llamas’ wool. I have enough wool to keep me busy for a lifetime. And so the llamas will always be with me. I will remember them with love as I work with their fleece. Please visit my shop at

Though the llamas have been the foundation of our business, it is you, the people, that have been the heart of our business. You have made this ‘quirky’ adventure the most extraordinary, remarkable, and unforgettable undertaking of our lives.  Thank you all and ‘Take a Hike’.   

I will still be making llama crafts, and gifts from our llamas’ fiber on my Etsy shop. I’m always adding new things that we make here in our shop, so please check with us when you are looking for llama related gifts.

For more photos of our llamas and hikes, please visit our facebook page at