Twin Creeks Llamas, Take a Hike        

Rainy hike 

Hiking Tips  

Tip #1 The most important thing is to wear comfortable shoes.  Please wear closed toe shoes, no sandals. We recommend you wear socks if you are allergic to poison ivy.

Tip #2 Dress in layers. It is much easier to acclimate your body temperature to the weather if you can quickly and easily add or remove layers of clothes.

Fall Hike

Tip #4 Be prepared for weather changes. Showers can come up suddenly. Just because it rains, it does not mean that your hike is ruined. A cooling shower on a warm day can be mighty refreshing.  Experiencing nature in all of her moods is what hiking is all about.  Bring a rain poncho just in case. We also have ponchos available if you need one.

Tip #5 Be sure to pack your camera, as well as some extra batteries and film.


Tip #6 Some other items you might want to bring are: insect repellant, sunscreen, lip balm, as well as a couple of Band-Aids in case you get a blister.